About Don Castellucci Jr.

I was raised in Union City, New Jersey, moved to Endwell in 1976 and then settled in Apalachin in 1992. I married Vicki Cahill (Sanyshyn) and we now have 2 grown children. Donald III, graduated from the University of Scranton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a minor in Business and History. He now lives in Alexandria, Va. and worked the past 4 years in Washington, DC. Lauren just recently graduated from the University of Marywood with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a minor in Science. She recently passed her exam to become a licensed nutritionist and will be attending Boston University in the fall. 

In 1995, I was elected to the Owego Town Board, and was re-elected in 1999, 2003 and 2007. In 2009 I was elected Town Supervisor and I was re-elected in 2013. 

Community Engagement 

  • Our Lady of Sorrows Church (20 years)
  • Apalachin Lions Club- Past President, Vice President and Secretary (20 Years)
  • Owego Elks Club (1 yr)
  • Tioga County Republican Committee- Chairman – Past Vice Chairman, Town of Owego Chairman, Parliamentarian (23 yrs)
  • NYS Association of Towns- Executive Committee: Past Resolutions Committee (13 yrs)
  • Tompkins-Tioga County Catholic Charities-Advisory Board (3 yrs)
  • Tioga Council of Governments-Past President (8 yrs)
  • Member of (BMTS) Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (8 Yrs)
  • American Red Cross blood donor recruiter (21 years)
  • Former Member Sons of the American Legion, Post 1700
  • Former Member Broome County Catholic School Board
  • Former Member Endwell Fire Department
  • Former Owego Little League Baseball Coach

2017 Election

This year's election:

  • Primary: Tuesday September 12, 2017, polls open 12 pm to 9 pm
  • General: Tuesday November 7, 2017, polls open 6 am to 9 pm

If you need a ride to the polls, please contact us through this website on facebook or call 607-687-0965.

Upcoming Events

Monday August 7th, 5:30 pm

Event to Support Owego Town Supervisor Donald Castellucci Jr.

The Dugout Sports Bar, Apalachin, NY

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Supporting the Tioga County Republican Committee

Being that this is a Republican Primary, I believe it should be noted, supporting the Party is an important part of the process. The Tioga County Republican Committee is and has always been an integral part of electing Republican candidates. I have worked with the Republican Committee for 25 years, helping officials get elected on all levels of government. That means making phone calls, putting out signs, garnering signatures, walking door to door and attending many events and meetings. Click here to read more.

Hickories Park

Since the 2011 flood, we have made many improvements to the park. A combination of FEMA funds, grants, donations and budgeted funds all contributed to make the park better than ever. It is also much more “flood proof” then before. We cannot stop the water from rising but we were able to rebuild the park so that the next time a flood occurs, we can recover faster with much less damage. This will save tax dollars at the local, state and federal levels. Click here to read more.


In 2017 the average assessed home in the Village (Town wide tax) was $62,400. That home generated a tax bill of $66.41. If you take that home and calculate the tax using the tax rate you paid in 2007, it was $53.12. That results in an increase in taxes of $13.29 over the decade.

If you take the average assessed value of a home outside the Village in 2017, it has a value of $95,900. That home generated a tax bill of $376.56 (Town wide and Town Outside). If you take that home and calculate the tax using the tax rate you paid in 2007, it was $255.22. That is an increase of $121.34 over the decade.

To put that in further perspective, consider during the decade, the Town endured two major floods, a major municipal flash flooding FEMA event, as well as other major weather events. During those emergencies, the Town was in a fiscal position to respond quickly to insure the safety of its citizens. Our fiscal position is as strong now as it has been in the past. While other municipalities were forced to obtain bonds to get work completed, the town was able to meet initial obligations and save the costs of borrowing money.

I am always mindful that the town tax revenue comes from the hard work of its citizens and it has to be spent wisely and prudently. I, along with the Town Board and department heads have done their best to accomplish that. In 2017,the town produced a zero percent tax rate increase. That was the first time in the 22 years I have been on the Board. It is my intention, barring any unforeseen costs, to oversee a zero increase again in 2018.

My opponent has falsely implied I do not support the highway department and am putting the safety of residents in jeopardy. While I cannot fathom how he arrived at this conclusion, let me make myself perfectly clear. It is my duty as town supervisor to ensure the safety of all residents in conjunction with making sure your tax dollars are expended prudently. The Board has met that responsibility. My issues with the highway superintendent are based on fiscal matters. The highway department is funded properly with safety as a priority and within the economic means of the times.

Community Engagement

A community can only flourish if the residents who live in it contribute to its well-being. We are fortunate enough to have many volunteers throughout the Town that volunteer their time, support programs fiscally or just help the neighbor next door. You do not just recognize those qualities during calamities such as the 2011 flood; you see them in everyday life here in the Town of Owego! With so many excellent programs here that are helping those in need, you do not have to look far to find a niche and lend a helping hand. 

Over the last 22 years, I have found many opportunities to share my time and talents. As a local leader, I believe you have be involved if you are going to understand the community’s needs. There is no better way to find that out what they are, then to stand beside your neighbor. Helping and most importantly listening to others is imperative if you want to lead a community. I have found it heart warming to see the look of gratefulness in others eyes knowing you helped someone feel a little better. What I am most grateful for is, my family has received many kind gestures in return. For that, I am most humbled.

Instituted a pasta dinner helping to raise over $6000 for Catholic Charities over the past 3 years.

Obtained $20,000 grant through Senator Libous’ office for Joy Stephens Field.

Lions Christmas wrapping party for the needy.

Attending a “Support the Troops” rally in Owego.

Apalachin Library Ice Cream Social


Come back often to check for additional endorsements as the campaign moves forward!

Jim Tornatore

Mayor of Newark Valley

Bob Riggs

Candor Town Supervisor

George Williams

Candor Town Councilman

Wayne Moulton

Town of Owego Councilman

Tim Whitesell

Town of Binghamton Supervisor

Barb Roberts

Town of Owego Councilwoman

John Shaffer

Town of Vestal Supervisor

Mike Roberts

Tioga County Legislator

Charlie Davis

Town of Richford Supervisor

Tom Augostini

Town of Union Councilman

Frank Bertoni

Town of Union Councilman

Andrea Klett

Tioga County Clerk

Pat Cartwright

Nichols and Berkshire Dog Control Office

George Richter

Town of Chemung Supervisor

Rodney Strange

Chemung County Legislator

Honorable Jim McFadden

Honorable James and Kathy Hamlin

Tracy Monell

Tioga County Legislator

Dick Cary

Town of Barton Supervisor

Ed Hollenbeck

Tioga County Legislator

Gary Howard

Tioga County Sheriff

Mike Marinachio

Town of Dickinson Supervisor

Neil Lewis

Tioga County Coroner

Randy Thayer

Town of Spencer Supervisor

Sharon Exley 

Town of Dickinson Councilwoman 


Amanda Brown, Barbara Taggert, Charlie and Carole DiGiacomo, Charlie and Maxine Waughtel, Deb Henderson, Ed Kohles, Gary Helmers, Gene and Diane Arthur, Jake Brown, Jerry Strazik, John Schneider, John Sobotka, Mark Gennarelli, Michael and Ann Marie Baratta, Michael and Staci Sage, Mike and Paula Fairbairn, Mr. Gary Helmers, Rick Pedro, Sharon Vail-Russo, The Pratt Family, The Tulsey Family, Tony Malarkey, Wes DeLap


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Cliff Balliet, Colin Sloan, Dave and Karen Antonaitas, Donna Prentice, John Cuomo, The Tofte Family, Vince and Kristen Colapietri, Vince and Nancy Coppola


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Amy Reynolds, Ron Griffiths, Wayne Frye

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Michele Ray Brazie


Michael Vasquez

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