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The Time to Do the Job
Is the Town of Owego Supervisor a full-time job?  A lot of political rhetoric has focused on that question over recent years.
The Town of Owego Supervisor position was never intended to be a full-time job. The salary of the Supervisor position is that of a part-time position. Prior to the current administration, previous Supervisor Tom Doty performed the Supervisor duties as needed, in a professional manner, while holding an outside full-time job. The job can become an unofficial full-time position if every aspect of daily operations is micromanaged.  Micromanaging competent department heads and employees creates poor working morale and hostilities among employees.
If the voters elect me in September, I will use the tools available to me to supervise the Town efficiently.  For example, there is a Town committee system that is currently not utilized as it was intended when first instituted.  My plan is to have the appropriate Town committees do the job they were initially set up to do.  The Supervisor’s job is then to make sure that the appropriate issues are being addressed by the appropriate committees and responsible employees.  No one should try and control every aspect of Town government.
Town employees are the Town’s best asset, and I am committed to encouraging them to perform their daily jobs with the professionalism they bring to their jobs. My pledge is to restore the high morale that once was in place with Town employees.
I probably cannot change your mind if you have come to believe over the last decade that there is a need for an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Town Supervisor.  But, what I can do is promise the taxpayers that I am committed to the Town and its residents, that I have the time the job requires, that I will put in the time that is necessary, and as in the past, I will be available to you as needed.

Elect Donald Castellucci, Jr. Town of Owego Supervisor
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Page Updated - August 15, 2005